The Online Church – An Extension of Our Mission Field


Parkway is Online

Parkway is online! Our website is thriving with an average of 500+ pageviews each week, and our Facebook is growing with new “likes” daily.

Why should our church be online?

Today’s “church social” is all about social media. Parkway has developed its website and constantly updates it for three main reasons:Church Social 2.jpg

  • Potential guests visit us online before they visit us in person. Thom Rainer, president and CEO of Lifeway, says that a church’s website is “the first place a prospective guest visits when he or she is thinking about attending a church.” Visitors to our website can see what kinds of activities we have going on, the local and global missions opportunities we offer, the Bible study options we have for every family member. Plus,  they can listen to sermons by our pastor.
  • Members have access to detailed information and events. Parkway is a busy, active church. Along with comprehensive Sunday and Wednesday bulletins, plus The Proclaimer (our biweekly newsletter), the website is another way to give members access to pertinent information.
  • Our church website is our “storefront” in a global community. Our website allows Parkway to be a witness to a dying world. When someone searches for a free weight loss class or English Classes Goodlettsville they have the opportunity to click on our site. When someone Googles Christian Quilting Ministry North Nashville or Learn to Quilt, we want them to find us! Or when someone turns to a search engine to ask, How do I become a Christian?  we want to have the opportunity to give them the answer.

Click the links below to find Parkway on social media:

Parkway Instagram SL

Parkway’s Facebook Page

Parkway on Twitter

THRIVE – Parkway Women on Facebook

Parkway Students

Kingdom Kids Preschool Program on Facebook


How Can I Help?

Want to engage a lost people? Know their culture. Learn their language. Like it or not, today’s culture revolves around social media and the language of texts and tweets. While you may be uninterested or even timid about entering arenas like Facebook and Twitter, this is a mission field that is right in front of you–and it’s not going away. Click HERE to learn Ten Ways You Can Help Parkway Build Relationships Online.