Knowing. Growing. Going.

What’s the big deal about these three words?

At Parkway, we believe these three words have the power to change our lives, because these three simple words represent three relationships that are essential to every believer…


These three simple words sum up our purpose as individuals, as families, and as a Church. Without all three, we can’t experience the fullness of the Christian life that God desires for us. So, it’s our mission at Parkway to encourage our members to fortify each of these relationships through the various opportunities we offer for worship, discipleship, fellowship, and service.

At Parkway, we believe that every member is a significant, irreplaceable part of our church body and has a unique role to play in working toward our mission. So, as a member of Parkway, we ask you to commit wholeheartedly to doing the following…

KNOW… Faithfully devote yourself to an intimate personal relationship with God.
GROW… Actively invest yourself in the Church, growing alongside other believers through shared experiences.
GO… Intentionally share the love, hope, and good news of Jesus through your words and actions – both inside and outside the church walls.

As you seek to live a life of knowing, growing, and going, you are not only fostering your own spiritual development, you’re also helping Parkway to be the Church that God intends for us to be.