Continuing the Journey: Daniel Plan Sermons, Recipes, and Resources


We’ve completed our church-wide journey through the Daniel Plan Experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. In fact, we want you to continue the journey! So grab a few friends, and keep going! We want to help you as you keep striving for good health, so check out the sermons, recipes, and resources collected here for you.


Here are links to the audio files for Pastor Ken Castleberry’s sermons throughout our church-wide study of the Danial Plan.


If you would like to download the sermon notes, you’ll find those HERE.


We’ve received so much in the way of great teaching from our own Parkway members over the course of our Daniel Plan study. We are especially indebted to Bekki Brown for the wealth of information she has shared regarding nutrition and health. You can find the recipes that she has shared and taught here on our website.


One of the best resources we can recommend for continuing your journey is the official Daniel Plan website. You’ll find tons of inspiration there to compliment your journey! Don’t give up!