Sunday Bible Study Classes

Adult Bible Class

Our Sunday Bible Study Classes at Parkway offer something for all adults–single or married, younger or older.

Adult Bible Study | Every Sunday | 9:00 A. M.

Every Sunday during what we call the Sunday School hour here at Parkway, you can come, grow, and learn with other people who are seeking to know God, some for the first time and others who are long-time believers. It’s all about learning more so that we can live out the purposes of God in our everyday lives, while sharing His love with those around us.


Our Bible study classes are set up to help you find a group where you will feel comfortable. You’ll be able to find a place where you will feel safe sharing your burdens and where you will be able to help others during their hard times. Besides the support of Christian fellowship, your class will offer a unique circle of friendship as you meet together outside of class and connect throughout the week.


Our Sunday Bible Study Classes exist to promote the ongoing mission of Parkway: Knowing, Growing, and Going. We invite you to be a part of it!

Parkway Sunday School

  • Knowing - Meeting God in His Word and going deeper with Him there.
    Dynamic teachers present God’s powerful truths each week, sharing candidly from their own lives and digging into all the richness of Scripture.
  • Growing - Growing closer to each other and to the Lord, as we follow Him day by day.
    Like a family, our Bible study classes are small groups provide a place to minister to one another through all the various events and phases of life, encouraging and challenging each other in spiritual growth.
  • Going - Taking the love of Christ to our community and world, which includes personal, class, and church-wide evangelism.
    Our Bible study classes are offered many opportunities throughout the year to participate in missions and evangelism. Besides helping the many ministries of Parkway through prayer and financial support, classes pull together to lend the personal touch of “people power” by volunteering with the ministries of Room in the Inn, Upward Sports, the NBA Toy Store, our annual Harvest Party, and more. You’ll find even more mission opportunities HERE.


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